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Residental Log Cabin Edinburgh, 26 m²

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Log cabin summerhouses

Authentic, unique-looking, easy-to-build, very energy-efficient, eco-friendly and durable. These are the primary qualities that could be used to describe SIP HOUSE log cabin summerhouses.


Ranging from from 7 m2 all the way to 46 m2 in room area, the Trondheim, Ellington, Blythm Tromso, Edinburgh and other log cabins can be built to serve a myriad of purposes.

Depending on your wants and needs, any log cabin can serve as your own summer retreat, as a guest house or a remote working space for you, your team and/or meeting clients.

Enjoy free delivery across mainland UK and most of Europe for all orders over £5000. All prefab houses come with a 5-year no-worries guarantee. Invest in a SIP Summer House log cabin and make memories for yourself or create excellent accommodation for your guests.

Keen to know more? Open the product page or get in touch by sending an email to SIP HOUSE will help you find the perfect accommodation!


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Thinking about a bespoke project?
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Residental Log Cabin Edinburgh, 26 m² 35

Purposes for SIP HOUSE Log Cabin summerhouses

As mentioned, these cabins can serve different purposes. We’ll introduce just a few of them to help you understand the pros of such cabins.

  • Residential space for you & your family – this cabin can become a cozy and sustainable living environment. Its natural insulation properties ensure warmth, creating an intimate space for families to enjoy moments together, all while within nature’s embrace.
  • A guest house or guest room – a log garden cabin often serves as a delightful guest space. Thanks to its rustic charm and comforting ambiance, the cabin guarantees your guests a memorable stay, offering relaxation and a getaway from the hustle & bustle of a city.
  • A garden office – for modern professionals, a log cabin office can help with work-life balance. With the serenity of nature at your doorstep, and various layout options, it can easily become an inspirational setting that boosts productivity and fosters creativity.
  • A garden gym – kickstart a healthy lifestyle by setting up exercise machines indoors or taking advantage of the available space for physical betterment.
  • A garden studio – for artists and hobbyists, a log garden cabin acts as a studio – a haven of creativity. The natural light and serene surroundings stimulate your senses and allow you to fully immerse yourself in a project.

The wide range of log cabin summerhouses at SIP HOUSE

There are more than 10 unique plans and designs for log cabin summerhouses & buildings at Each of them has a product page where you can find the specs and pros all in one place. Besides, high-quality images & visualisations can help determine which unit is the best fit.

Residential Log Cabin Blyth

This 46 m2, two-bedroom cabin works well as your own personal summerhouse or a place where guests can settle. The design is flexible, but you have a larger room to act as the main living room with a kitchenette, a bedroom and two dedicated spaces to act like a bathroom and a WC respectively.

Arguably the biggest pro of this log cabin is the 10,5 m2 wooden outdoor terrace.

Wooden Garden Room Fredrikstad

A single, 24 m2 room that can act as a workshop, a studio, a gym, a place to relax or even a home. Fredrikstad design has a a large, double entrance door and multiple windows to allow for maximum sunlight indoors.

Garden Gym Room Kristiansand

This rustic-looking log cabin has 16 square meters of floor space that can accommodate a few exercise machines, yoga mats, a punching bag, a mirror and many other items. In addition, you can turn it into a simple guest house or a studio for your hobbies, work.

Do I need a permission for this building?

Most of the time, you won’t need any special permission to build decent-size SIP or log cabins. However, there are some rules that can apply and you should check with your local as well as community regulations to avoid doing any offenses.

SIP HOUSE has published an extensive guide on everything related to building permissions when it comes to SIP summerhouses and/or cabins.

We can help build a bespoke project

No worries even if you can’t find the perfect log cabin in our product catalogue.

We also specialize in crafting bespoke log cabin designs tailored to your vision, size and comfort requirements. Our architect designers generate 30-40 custom structures monthly.

SIP HOUSE dedicated team assists in selecting ideal foundations, window types (PVC, aluminium, or wooden), and optimal construction solutions.

Usually, your dream cabin is just 6-8 weeks away after getting in touch. The design phase takes roughly 2 weeks and we usually offer a production timeline of 4-6 weeks. As for budgeting, bespoke projects range from EUR 200 to EUR 2000, while modifications to existing designs vary by project complexity. Share your vision, and let’s bring it to life together!

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