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SIP Panels Insulation

SIP panels are glued, manufactured and otherwise processed by the in-house professionals in our
SIP panel factory. We have two types of SIP panels to offer you. The specifications and
characteristics of SIP OSB and SIP MgO panels are listed below. The SIP OSB and SIP MgO
panels we offer have a neoprene/graphite polystyrene filling, a product that provides better
thermal properties than conventional white polystyrene.

Standard thickness of polystyrene we use for walls is 100 mm EPS NEO + OSB board 12 mm or
MgO board 9 mm for a total wall thickness of 124 mm with an OSB SIP panel or 118 with an
MgO SIP panel. We use 150 mm EPS Neo/graphite polysterol and OSB 12mm panels or 9 mm
MgO panels to produce a 174 mm OSB SIP panel or 168 MgO SIP panel for the roof.

The thickness of the polysterol can be modified to meet individual requirements; it is also
available in thinner and even thicker sizes at extra cost or for free, depending on the preferred
thickness. OSB boards and MgO boards can also be made thicker or thinner according to the
customer’s requirements, with or without extra charge, depending on the chosen thickness.
SIP (Structural Insulation Panel) is a three-layer construction product made up of two oriented
strand boards (OSB) and polystyrene foam sandwiched in the middle. When combined together,
the SIPs provide a very strong and thermally insulated framework with exceptionally high load-
bearing properties, good resistance to compression, bending and, in particular, thermal insulation
SIP technology is the fastest, easiest and cheapest way for achieving high energy efficiency.

entire structure of your passive house will be thinner and at the same time warmer compared to
traditional construction methods, will be less resource-intensive, and will not require any heavy
machinery or complicated construction operations. This is an innovative alternative that
challenges all construction standards.
SIP panels are used for exterior walls, roof, ceilings, floors and internal partitions.

MgO Panels

SipLand MgO panels of exceptionally high quality are the core of your thermally efficient
MgO SIP (magnesium oxide panel) is a three-layer construction product consisting of two
magnesium oxide panels (MgO) and polystyrene foam glued between them. By combining the
MGO panels into a single unit, the result is an even stronger and more thermally insulated
structure of Class A fire rating, with good acoustic insulation properties, water resistance,
excellent load-bearing characteristics, good resistance to compression and bending and, most
importantly thermal insulation performance.


Construction in all seasons – MgO SIPs are resistant to both water and cold, so your project can
be developed in any weather conditions. The panels are offered in controllable sizes, allowing
easier installation in high winds.

  1. Class 1A fire rating which means that these panels are within the same flammability class as
    traditional blocks.
  2. Ultra-strong and warm construction of walls, which means that the walls are immediately
    warm and a thin insulation layer is sufficient.
  3.  Outstanding sound insulation allows the panels to be used for internal partitioning.
  4. Magnesium panels are inorganic and, therefore, are resistant to mould and various pests.
  5. The product is eco-friendly, not harmful to health, and asbestos-free.
  6. MgO boards perform really well against water, because they are impervious. The boards are still structural and dimensionally stable even when wet. They do not swell, warp, or delaminate. They even protect against moisture when underneath basement flooring boards. That benefits making MgO Sips much better product in market.

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