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Barrel Sauna + Hot Tub Bravehearth, 2.3x6

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Barrel Saunas

We have all heard of saunas, and most of us have spent some time relaxing in one.  However, they are not a new UK phenomenon. People have been utilising them since the 12th century, originating in Finland.


 Gone are the days of square saunas, round barrel saunas are the new modern trend, and they will seamlessly fit into any garden. In fact, you will have your visitors questioning where they can get one. Made out of high-quality wood, we offer a wide range of top-quality barrel saunas for sale in the UK. We have different sizes and prices for different budgets and various barrel sauna kits.


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Barrel Sauna + Hot Tub Bravehearth, 2.3x6 27

Barrel saunas are more than just structurally attractive. They also come full of advantages. Round barrel saunas design is more efficient. There are no pesky corners compared to square saunas that we are used to seeing; therefore, the space will warm up much quicker. Any cold air in the barrel gets pushed out through the wood-fired heater. In addition, the warm air gets distributed more evenly in a round space without waste.
Barrel Sauna Benefits
Similarly to hot tubs, saunas  have a wide range of healing effects, including:

•Cleansing your skin

•Aiding circulation

•Eases muscle strain

•Relieving tension by emitting happy endorphins

Our barrel saunas are suitable for anyone! They get used for healing benefits and relaxation across the world. In addition, add a few drops of your favourite essential oil for some extra health benefits. There is a large variety of oils to choose from. Birch is an essential oil used in traditional Finland Saunas and comes with a pleasant minty fragrance. The Birch essential oil benefits include preventing bacterial and fungal infections. In addition,the oil will help reduce pain, improve circulation, tone skin, and detoxify your body.

Natural Wood

Our barrel saunas get made from the highest quality natural wood. Wood has a great appearance, and these barrel saunas will be gorgeous in any garden. In addition, our barrels contain no toxic substances and are environmentally friendly and economical to run.
What do I need for a Barrel Sauna?
You don’t need much. Firstly you will need a space in the garden where you want your barrel sauna positioned. The ground will need to be level and a concrete block or level space such as a tiled or paved area.
Do I need a building permit for a Barrel Sauna?
No, you do not need any permit. This is because barrel saunas are not classed as permanent structures as they are mobile. In addition, a building permit is only necessary when the outdoor installation gets used for sleeping.

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