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Foundation types

The basis for the construction of a garden house, garden office, garage or any other building of
your dreams is the foundations. No matter what kind of building you are going to construct, you
will have to decide what the foundations of your building will be. We can offer you a number of
best options for laying the foundations or an alternative to the foundations (footings) of our own
production. The only way to ensure the long-lasting and problem-free building of your dreams is
to select the proper foundations. Go on reading and learn more about our foundation solutions.

Concrete base

sip floors foundation

The concrete base type foundations are one of the most popular and durable options. They will
need more preparation and will cost you more than foundations of other type. The concrete base
must be not less than 150–300 mm thick.

Ground screw 

Bored foundation screws are a great alternative to concrete base foundations, if you want to save
time and money and not have to dig up your site which will be necessary, if you choose concrete
base foundations. Bored foundations are environmentally friendly, quickly installed / screwed in
and as strong and durable as other types of foundations.

Deck Block 

deck block fundament 1

The Deck block type is the cheapest option of foundations, but certainly not the worst. Deck
block foundations can solve many problems associated with the installation of other types of
foundations. Our Deck Block footings for the house are adjustable with special screws. The
height of a constructed house is adjustable. For example, you construct a house and, after a year,
the ground settles and the house is no longer standing straight. You can adjust the height of your
house using metal screws connected to concrete blocks. This is also a great solution if you want
to make your house mobile and move it to another location using a crane.

deck block fundament

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