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SIP maintenance

Some people believe that SIP houses require intensive maintenance, but this is not the case
actually. All their maintenance is mainly limited to the aesthetics of the structure, rather than its
functionality. After a number of years, only the façade of the house may need to be renewed, but
even then, this will depend on the type of façade. This means that you can use modern,
lightweight cladding systems. If the SIP house is covered with wooden planks or tin tiles – an
imitation of planks or HPL board, the maintenance of the façade will not be time-consuming as it
will be washed away by the rain and the tiles will always look nice. Unlike MgO, for which it is
possible to paint the panels after the joints have been sealed and the boards have been prepared,
this is not possible with OSB.

MgO maintenance

An MgO board is a durable, high-quality, fire-resistant mineral building material. Magnesium
oxide panels can be considered the core of a thermally efficient building. It is a particularly
versatile solution for use in interior and exterior constructions and is designed to solve some of
the toughest construction challenges. There are many applications for magnesium oxide panel,
including wall and ceiling cladding, facades, skylights, tile substrates and decking. These include
resistance to fire, moisture, mould, fungus and insects. Due to its strength and durability, MgO
panel prolongs the service life of structures such as houses and buildings. The main thing about
this product is that once installed, it does not require any energy consumption for use and
maintenance. For the full lifetime of this product (50 years), it needs no repair or replacement,
unless external factors cause any damage. Sometimes the owners of structures made of MgO
board may choose to repaint them or wash with water.
Maintenance may vary depending on the selected façade finish. If boards are chosen, the
maintenance will be more intensive because, as with all boards, they will have to be repainted at
intervals. If the magnesium paintwork is chosen, additional work and maintenance effort will be
minimised. Moreover, it will be possible to change the colour whenever desired. With HPL
panels a very nice effect can be achieved using a wide range of panels, without much
maintenance. However, the price of the panels themselves becomes quite high. Tin cladding is
durable, not much more expensive than standard boards and also requires minor maintenance.

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