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Bespoke SIP Projects

Siphouse also offers a variety of individual projects according to your needs and preferences.
Every month our designers create from 30 to 40 different buildings to suit the customers’ needs.
With individual projects we can realise any vision you may have. Our motto: “Every project is
Although we can offer a wide range of products, sometimes customers can’t find a house they
want in our portfolio. If this is the case, you can always apply to our employees who will be glad
to help choose every element of the house according to your needs, suggest the most suitable
foundations, windows (PVC – plastic, aluminium or wooden, etc., as well as the most suitable
construction. Share your idea with us and we will bring it to life.

From project to final product

The delivery time of your project will depend on how quickly we clarify the project with you.
Usually, a bespoke project takes about 2 weeks after you provide us with all information we will
need for the project. When we submit the project to you and you approve it, the entire production
process will last from 4 to 6 weeks. The total time for the whole project is about 6–8 weeks.

Bespoke projects and modifications prices

The price of bespoke projects can range from EUR 200 to EUR 2000. A modified version of our
existing projects can cost an extra 5% to 30%. This depends on the complexity of the project.

Tell us about the product you are looking for

Provide some details about the product you are looking for (the purpose of use, area, dimensions, design, etc.). We will get back to you as soon as possible (usually the same or next working day).


Request site visit

  • Our qualified specialist will come to your location for product and building advice
  • Site visit fee: £100.00 – £300.00 (depending on your postcode). The fee will be refunded in the event of placing an order after a visit.
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Want us to call you back and offer some product advice?

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