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Contemporary Garden Office Bissau, 14 m²

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Garden Offices

A modern workspace that’s affordable to build, might not require a planning permission, offers great insulation, and can house all the necessary amenities?


Well, it must be in a modern office building somewhere in the city, right? That’s where you’d be wrong. It can actually be located right outside your home!  

SIP HOUSE sells prefab SIP garden offices. They are easy-to-build, dedicated spaces where you and your team can focus, meet clients, innovate, and produce, all while enjoying the comfort of home surroundings or in nature’s embrace.

A SIP home garden offices can serve as your very own slice of workspace serenity, right in your backyard! SIP, or Structurally Insulated Panels, are celebrated for their robust construction, energy efficiency, and swift installation process. As a cutting-edge solution, these garden offices not only provide a cosy, insulated environment for year-round productivity but also ensure long service time even with minimal maintenance. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer, or simply someone in search of a peaceful study, browse our assortment of unique and praised prefab garden offices and find the benefits for yourself.


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Contemporary Garden Office Bissau, 14 m² 59

Pros of a garden office

With modern work requiring flexibility and adaptability to change, especially when it comes to remote and hybrid work, a home garden office may be just what you or your team needs. Demands for efficient, and cost-effective workspaces has skyrocketed over these few years. This is why SIP HOUSE small, prefab, pod, large, L-Shaped, insulated, corner and even contemporary garden offices have become our hot-selling sensations.

Modern-day entrepreneurs, freelancers or even small as well as medium teams or affiliates can enjoy multiple benefits of such offices. Whilst for some, a SIP garden office can improve the quality of work, for others, it can be a total game changer. Let’s look at the pros of this structure.


Traditional offices for-rent can be super-expensive. Also, landlords may require big deposits or committing for a long-time without any right to own.

By contrast, a home garden office building, particularly prefab ones, in exchange for a one-time cost offer 100 % ownership and low maintenance costs. For example, 124 mm thick SIP wall panels should ensure pretty manageable heating during winter and shouldn’t require keeping A/C turned on full blast during the summer.  

Over time, this translates to vast savings, freeing up resources for business growth and development.

Better work-life balance

Forget excessive stress and having no free time. Work & life balance gets the much-needed attention from the world of today. Overworking isn’t fun and it prevents you or your team from staying productive long-term. Having a dedicated workspace just steps away from your house means no more long commutes or distractions.

This creates a balance, allowing you to seamlessly transition between professional tasks and personal moments. Besides, biggest prefab garden offices can also serve as a home because they can have bedrooms, bathrooms and even kitchens.

Flexible layouts, modularity & scalability

In the world of today, no business should focus on finding the perfect one-size-fits-all solution. With a garden building, you have the freedom to design and choose a space tailored to your unique needs.

With your venture and team growing, so can your home garden office building. SIP offices can be modular, allowing businesses to add or modify components as they grow, all without the constraints of traditional office leases.


Prioritise sustainability with eco-friendly materials. By choosing SIP HOUSE products, you can have a building with a low carbon footprint & enjoy modern comfort with full confidence in playing your role protecting the precious resources of planet Earth.  

Experience the harmonious marriage between convenience and innovation. Whether you’re a digital entrepreneur or an established SME, there’s no denying the immense potential of a home garden office!

SIP structure benefits

SIP stands for Structurally Insulated Panels. The acronym describes a top-notch building material. SIP prefab structures have become a go-to choice in the UK and most of Europe when it comes to both garden offices and remote work places. The SIP structure offers numerous benefits.

To begin with, the prefab nature of the office reduces the construction load on-site and in terms of preparation. There’s less room for error and the flat pack comes ready-to-assemble.

SIPs are greatly insulated. This means your garden office will maintain a comfortable temperature year-round, leading to savings on heating and cooling costs. Your business will have more resources to allocate for adding value or R&D, etc.

Thanks to a streamlined construction process and reduced waste, the overall cost of setting up a SIP structure is almost always much less than traditional building methods.

Finally, your home garden office can be of almost any size and layout, as you desire. Have an intimate space for just yourself, or set-up a spacious multi-room building with a meeting room, office spaces and many more amenities.

What is the point or benefits of a L-shaped garden office?

L-shaped structures have been around for a while, but an L-shaped home garden office can be considered innovative and quite new. What’s the point of this layout and what are the pros of a SIP office in the shape of an L?

  • More natural division of space into zones. One or multiple areas can serve as work spaces whilst another can be a meeting or presentation room, leisure, etc.
  • Corner space is optimised. In round or different-shaped structures, it can be a total waste.
  • L-shaped home garden offices can better blend with the rest of your plot or nature, surrounding it.

Besides aesthetics and space efficiency, it also offers flexibility in layout and furniture arrangement. This is excellent because you can prepare it for your own line of work in the best possible way.

How quick can I set up your garden office?

The exact time needed from unloading to being ready for work depends on a variety of factors. Your SIP home garden office will arrive in flat-packs and will be ready for assembly. Depending on how many people will work on the building and how experienced they are, the process can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

Regardless, it’s multiple or multiple tens of times faster than building a regular office space.

What amenities will these prefabricated SIP garden offices have?

Our bespoke, prefabricated small, pod, large, L-Shaped, insulated, corner and even contemporary SIP offices are tailored to meet modern workspace requirements.

Our team of engineers and architects worked together to design & accommodate various amenities essential for a comfortable work environment.

While they come ready for personalization, there are some specifics to note. The layout is optimised for the inclusion of essentials such as work desks, storage units, and even a small kitchenette or restroom, depending on your room area.

However, while the structure is ready-made, they don’t come with a toilet or bath by default. Electrical materials and their installation, as well as plumbing materials, will need separate sourcing. Additionally, while the structure is pre-prepared for systems like ventilation and heating, these systems themselves aren’t provided. Still, these garden offices provide a solid, customizable base for your perfect work haven. The product page contains all the information about what’s included and what’s not!

What room area of a garden office is best for me?

If you’re looking for a modern, affordable and well-insulated garden office, you need to determine the ideal area. SIP HOUSE has structures ranging from 6, all the way to 119 Square Metres.

To determine the ideal room area of a garden office for you and your team, consider both current and potential future needs. Each individual workspace (desk, computer, chair and personal space) should be at least 5 m2. For maximum comfort, consider anywhere between 7 to 12 m2.

You can start by assessing the number of workstations, storage requirements, and any additional spaces like meeting areas. Always opt for a larger SIP structure if you have doubts. To be able to accommodate any growth!

Do I need permission to build a SIP garden office?

This depends on the jurisdiction you’re in and what type of structure you . Make sure to consult our team and also you can read the very detailed guide on building permissions here.

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